Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 2 Tentang Letter Writing

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 2 Tentang Letter Writing

Di artikel ini kami akan membagikan Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 2 Tentang Letter Writing, Ada 36 contoh soal yang kami berikan dalam bentuk soal pilihan ganda dan soal essay. Soal soal ini bisa menjadi evaluasi atau latihan untuk mata pelajaran ini. Dan bisa juga menjadi acuan atau bahan guru guru dalam membuat soal.

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 2 Tentang Letter Writing

Soal Pilihan Ganda

This personal letter is for questions number 1 to 5.

December 25th, 2019

Dear Peter,

My name is Andre and I am 15 years old. I live in Semarang with my mum, dad and an elder brother. We have 2_cats here. They are called Bubble and Squeak. Do you have any pets, Peter? Bubble likes hunting. He always brings home fish and mice!

My favorite hobby is music. I play the piano and guitar. I also like reading and watching films.

I hope you will write to me soon.


1. How old is Andre?

a. 11 years old

b.12 years old

c. 13 years old

d. 14 years old

e. 15 years old

2. With whom does Andre live?

a. With his wife

b. With his brother

c. With his family

d. With his brother

e. With his uncle

3. What is Andre’s favorite instrument?

a. Bass

b.. Piano

c. Drum

d. Vocal

e. DJ Set

4. What is the purpise of the text?

a. To tell about Andre’s identity

b. To give information about Andre’s accident

c. To sympathize with Peter

d. To compliment Andre

e. To complaint about something

4 “We have 2 cats here.”

The underlined word above refers to…

a. Andre

b. Peter

c. Andre’s family

d. Peter’s family

e. Peter and his uncle

This text is for questions number 6 to 10.

Last weekend my friend Caren slept over. We stayed up very late playing with our dolls. My mom came into the room to tell us we had to go to sleep. It was dark, so Caren and I took my dad’s flashlight and played under the covers. I’m not sure when we finally fell asleep, but we left the flashlight on. In the morning, it no longer worked. The batteries were dead. Yesterday, there was a big thunderstorm and we lost our electricity. Dad went to get his flashlight so we could see, but it didn’t  work. He wasn’t very happy when he found out I had left it on all night and wasted the batteries. Now, I have to take up all of the leaves that blew around from the storm!

6. What is the suitable title of the text above?

a. The writer’s unforgettable experience.

b. The writer’s friend slept over at the writer’s house.

c. The important of flashlight at night.

d. The flashlight’s batteries were dead.

e. The flashlight cause and effect

7. Which of the following sentences does not belong to the correct causes and effects based on the text above? a. Itwas dark so Caren and I took my dad’s flashlight.

b. Because we finally fell asleep, we left the flashlighton.

c. As the flashlight was left on all night, there was a thunderstorm in the next morning.

d. Because of a big thunderstorm, the electricity was lost.

e. Thewriter’s father was sad since he found out that the flashlight didn’t work.

8. “… he found out I had left it on all night…”

The word in bold refers to….

a. The writer’s mom.

b. The writer’s dad.

c. The writer’s friend.

d. The writer.

e. The flashlight.

9. “Last weekend my friend Caren slept over.”

The phrase ‘slept over’ in Indonesian means…

a. menginap

b. mampir

c. mengunjungi

d. menyapa

e. mengajak

10. “he found out I had left it on all night and wasted the batteries.”

The synonym of the word in bold is ….

a. lost

b. found

c. took

d. got

e. prepared

The text is for questions number 11 and 12.

There are many different causes of car accidents in the United States.

Sometimes accidents are caused by bad weather. Ice or snow can make toads very dangerous. Accidents also can result from problems with the car. Even a small problem like a flat tire can be serious.

Bad roads are another causes of accidents. Some accidents are caused by drinking too much alcohol.

11. What is the paragraph about?

a. problem with car engines

b. result of car accidents

c. the frequency of caraccident

d. weather conditions in the US

e. car accidents and their causes

12. Car accident in the US are caused by the following, except

a. drunken driver

b. badroads

c. unskilled drivers

d. icy roads

e. a flat tire

The text for questions number 13 to 15.

Smoking in Restaurant

Smoking in restaurants is just not on. It must not be allowed because it is rude, harmful to others, and dangerous for the smokers.

I Firstly, smoking in a restaurant is impolite. The smell of the smoke affects all people and can turn them off their food. People pay to taste good food and not to be put off by foul smelling smoke.

Another reason smoking should not be allowed in restaurants is the harm it can do to others. Passive smoking that is breathing in smoke made by a smoker can lead to asthma attacks and even cancer. Finally, smoking is dangerous and a health risk to the smokers. Cigarettes cause heart and lung disease and people should not smoke anywhere, not just in restaurants.

Therefore, smoking in restaurants is impolite, harmful to others and a health risk to the smokers and should not be allowed in any restaurants.

13. Smoking in the restaurants must be avoided because… –

a. it is harmful to others

b. itis impolite

c. it’s dangerous to the smokers

d. it can cause heart and lung disease

e. all answers are correct

14. “….and dangerous for the smokers.”

The synonym of the word “dangerous” in the text is…

a. rude

b. impolite

c. health risk

d. harmful

e. disease

15. Smoking in restaurants should not be allowed. It means that…

a. people should do smoking in restaurant

b. people should not do smoking in restaurant

c. people must not smoking in restaurant

d. people must not smoke in restaurant

e. people should smoke inrestaurant

This text is for questions number 16 to 20.

Kupang, April 2, 2019

Dear Paula,

Hello Paula, how are you? It’s been a month since I last heard from you. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I was in a hospital last week. According to the doctor; I was infected by dengue fever. . .

At first, I felt my body became weak then I fainted when I was studying in the classroom. Then, I was taken to the hospital because of the high fever.

At the hospital, I was brought into the emergency unit. The doctor immediately gave some treatment. Finally, I had to stay there for one week. Every day the doctor kept me on a drip.

At the seventh day, my condition was getting better. After the final check, the doctor gave me permission to go home. Now, I’m okay and because of my illness, I am now more careful about keeping in my house clean especially my room, I don’t want to get the same illness again.

OK, I think that’s all from me, write to me soon ok?



16. What is the topic of the letter above?

a. Getting Fever

b. Went to Hospital

c. The doctor recipe

d. In hospital

e. In the market

17. What did the writer do when she felt her body became weak? .

a. She bought medicine

b. She took a rest all day

c. She went to hospital

d. She consumed the medicine

e. She bought a coffee

18. What was the disease that she got?

a. Stomached

b. Toothache

c. Dengue fever

d. Influenza

e. Yellow Fever

19. Why the writer was taken to the hospital?

a. She got high fever.

b. She got diarrhea.

c. She got headache.

d. She got broken bones.

e. Her lymph was swelling.

20. How long she was taken care in the hospital?

a. Four days

b. Five days

c. Six days

d. Seven days

e.  A Month

The text for questions number 21 to 25

The health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo say 55 people are feared to have died from Ebola – the government has confirmed that 28 of those deaths were definitely from virus.

Vaccines and experimental drugs are being used to help limit the spread, but the authorities expect the number of cases Kongo increase.

Two treatment centres in North Kivu Province are nearly at capacity and a new centre is about to be built in neighbouring Ituri Province.

Health workers are trying to monitor more than 1,500 who have been in contact with Ebola patients, but the task is challenging due to outbreaks of violence in the eastern region, where many rebel groups operate.

21. The text tell us about…

a. many people in Congo are afraid to die

b. the health authorities of Congo found Ebola virus

c. health workers are added to solve the matters in Democratic Republic of Congo

d. the death rate because of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo rises

e. vaccines and experimental drugs are held to heal the smallpox

22.  Why does monitoring people who in contact with Ebola is challenging? Because….

a. the number of the patients is the highest

b. the medical equipments are inadequate

c. there are outbreaks of violence in the eastern region

d. the treatments of the desease are difficult

e. there is no vaccines of drugs to cure this desease

23. From the text, we know that…

a. twenty-eight people have died because of Ebola virus…

b. the health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo are scared of dying because of Ebola

c. a new treatment centre has been built in neighbouring Ituri Province

d. there are 1,500 health workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

e. the health autorities are using the vaccines and experimental drugs to help limit the spread of malaria disease

24. “Two treatment centres in North Kivu Province are nearly at capacity…”

The underlined word has similar in meaning to …

a. close 

b. almost

c. firmly

d. strictly

e. scarce

25. “… but the authorities expect the number of cases to increase

What is the antonym of the word in bold?

a. achieve 

b. decrease  

c. interest

d. important

e. provide

Soal Essay:

This text is for questions number 1 to 5.

School starts in a week and today is the day we go shopping for school supplies! I told my mom that I didn’t need anything. I loved my backpack from last year. It had a picture of Topaz, my favorite rock singer. It even had her autograph across the bottom of her picture. I couldn’t wait to get it out and check my supplies.

When I pulled out my backpack from the back of my closet, I was horrified on how dirty it was. Somehow, over the summer, a sharp was broken, the color was faded, and the zipper was stuck. There was a dark spot right on Topaz’s chin and you could hardly read her signature anymore. When I looked inside, I found papers that were Stuck together from an open glue bottle. I wondered who took the cap off of my glue bottle. There was a library book I borrowed and forgot to return. My markers had escaped from the box and the caps were mysteriously missing. My lucky pencil was too short to write with anymore. I discovered the dark spot on Topaz’s chin was from the cupcake I packed away from the end-of-the-year picnic. The frosting marked all over my notebooks and scissors. I decided it was time to make my list of new school supplies.

1. Why didn’t the main character think she needed new school supplies?

2. What caused her to mnanse her mind?

3. What caused the dark spot on her nackpack?

4. Why couldn’ the markers be used?

5. What synonym fr autograph is used later in the story’?

This text is for questions number 6 to 10.

“A healthy mind, in a healthy body”. That is the motto of every athlete in the world. People can be happy only if they are healthy. There are several important things we must do in order to stay healthy. First, we must get enough regular physical exercise. Second, we must live in a clean house. Third, we must have enough time to rest. Rest is an important physical exercise. And fourth, we must eat adequate quantities of nutritious food.

Good food is very important for keeping our body healthy. Food which contains a lot of nutriments is always good for our body. Nutriments are used by our body for energy, growth and for building new body tissues. Nutriments are of fiveimportant groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Our body needs proteins for its growth. Therefore, proteins are the most important nutriments for young people. Proteins also rebuild worn-out body tissues. We can acquire proteins from meat chicken, peas, beans, coconuts, eggs and milk.

Carbohydrates are as important as proteins, because they are the main source of energy. The body needs energy to do its work. Carbohydrates are found in flour, bread, cakes, rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, sugar and sweets.

Fats are another important source of energy. We can find fats in butter, margarine, milk, coconut-milk, eggs, fish, meat and ice-cream. However, too much fat can make our body at and this is dangerous for our heart. It can cause heart attacks.

Mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron are also absolutely necessary for our body. For instance, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are necessary tor the growth of our bones and teeth. Iron is important for our blood.

Vitamins are important for our health. The body cannot make is own vitamins, so it depends on our food for these. We must eat food which contains a lot of vitamins, such as vegetables and fruit. They help the body to absorb other nutrients in food. Vitamins control our digestion.

6. What kind of food is good for our body?

7. Where can we find carbohydrates?

8. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

9. “It can cause heart attack.” (Paragraph 4) What does the word “it” refer to?

10. “We must eat adequate quantities of nutritious food.” The underlined word means……..

11. Read the following personal letter, after that analyze the part of this letter. Write your answer on your workbook!

Kaswari Street 567


December 19th, 2019

Dear Angel,

How’s lif? I hope you are okay. My grandma gave me and idea to send you a letter and now I’m writing to you. She remembers you. Do you like your new house? I miss you already. Mum said that we can visit you in the holidays. I can’t wait for it.

You know what? I rode a horse last week. I went to mu uncle’s farm and there were some horses.  I rade the tame one. It was an amazing experience for me. My uncle asked me to give it a name. I named it Pretty. Well, you said that you wanted to have a pet. Do you have it now?

I have sent you a photo of me with Pretty. Can you send me your photo with your pet? I can’t wait to see you again. Please, write back soon.

Best wishes,


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