Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Announcement

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Announcement

Di artikel ini kami akan membagikan Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Announcement, Ada 24 contoh soal yang kami berikan dalam bentuk soal pilihan ganda dan soal essay. Soal soal ini bisa menjadi evaluasi atau latihan untuk mata pelajaran ini. Dan bisa juga menjadi acuan atau bahan guru guru dalam membuat soal.

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Announcement

Soal Pilihan Ganda


A school charity program will be held on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 at the school yard.
Students who want to donate books, please submit your donation to the library before Wednesday.

  1. The announcement is about ….

a. school charity
b. school exhibition
c. book charity
d. book exhibition

2. Choose the sentence that is NOT appropriate to be an opening sentence of an announcement: …

A. Now Open Here
B. OnLine Sale
C. Join Our International Conference
D. We are Going To Give You Some Discount

3. Attention
All students must join the class meeting from 20th November to 25st November 2019

3. What kind of the text is it ?
a. a letter
b. a label
c. a postcard
d. an announcement

The following test is for question 4 to 6.

To : All the Students
Due to yesterday’s laboratory fire accident, the laboratory area has become unsafe. The chemical spillage might be harmful for our respiratory system. Therefore, you are prohibited to be near the laboratoy area under all circumstances until further notification. Thanks you.


4. What is the text about?
a. a fire accident.
b. students prohibition.
c. dangerous chemicals.
d. a laboratory reconstruction.

5. What should the readers do acording to the text?
a. stay away from the laboratory.
b. warn other about the laboratory.
c. help prevent more fire accidents.
d. clean the chemicals from the laboratory.

6. Why does the laboratory area become unsafe?
a. the laboratory is fragile because of the fire.
b. the hemicals might harm the students.
c. the ashes can make the students uniforms dirty.
d. the students can hurt themselves from the rubbles.

To: All students
To celebrate the Hero’s day, our Student Organization will hold some interesting programs such as English Speech Contest, Story Telling and Class Wall Magazine Competition.
Time        : Feberuary 15, 2018,  8.00 a.m – 13.00 p.m
Theme       : Hero
Registration: Ali
The coordinator of this program

7. What does the text announce?
a. a student organization
b. an English Speech Contest
c. interesting event
d. a Hero’s Day Celebration

8. Based on the text we can say that …
a. The programs will last for 5 hours
b. The programs will be held in the Hero Street
c. Two competitions will be held
d. Ali is one of judges of the programs

This is a new school year and there are many new students around. Please be friendly and help them understand the rules of our school.

9. Where can you find the text ?
a. at a school.
b. at a bookstore.
c. at a bank.
d. at a park.

10. Why does the principal make the announcement ?
a. to ask the students to be nice.
b. to let the students introduce to their junior.
c. to ask the students to contact their parents.
d. to inform about the new school year.

11. Who do you think reads the announcement ?
a. new students.
b. senior students.
c. parents.
d. teachers.

12. ”Please be friendly….” . What is the meaning of the underlined word ?
a. disturbing
b. interesting
c. welcoming
d. bothering

There will be a holiday camp next month. All scout must join this camp. The activity will take place at Sabu Montain and last for three days.
For further information, please contact Mr. Anam.
Sangkapura, Juli 20th,2022
The Chief of Scout Organization

13. When will the activity be held ?
a. in May
b. in June
c. in July
d. in August

14. If the camp starts in Juli 20th, when will it end ?
A. Juli 21th.
B. Juli 23th.
C. August 1th.
D. August 3th.

15. Who must join the activity ?
a. all students
b. all scouts
c. all chiefs
d. all Medan people

Pay Attention Please!
This Thursday is August 17th, the Independence day .
Don’t miss the Independence Day festival!
The festival begins at 09.00 in every district In Jakarta.
Gather in front of our school at 08.30 to see the parade with the principal.
Don’t miss it! And Join many contests at school.
Free registration, full of prizes!

16. What does the text tell about?
a. independence day festival
b. gathering in school
c. parade with the principal
d. school contest

17. What time will the festival start?
a. in the mid night
b. in the midday
c. in the morning
d. in the evening

To facilitate our customers with better service, we provide online banking service. With online banking, you can do transactions anytime and anywhere they have access to the internet.You can check the account balances, make transfers, do payment and much more. Of course, it will make your life easier.

For more information, please contact our customer service officers.

18. What do the customers need to use the facilitation?
a. a credit card.
b. an account book.
c. an internet access.
d. a Sum of money.

19. Where can you read the announcement?
a. at school.
b. in a bank.
c. in a town park.
d. in a shopping mall.

20. What will the interested people probably do after reading the announcement?
a. browse the internet.
b. buy a new smartphone.
c. find an access to the internet.
d. contact the customer sevice officer.

Soal Essay:

To: All 6th graders

We are approaching the end of our days at SDN I Bululanjang. Soon we will leave the school we love very much. Let’s leave something memorable for the school and for students in need. Do not ruin your uniforms by spraying them with paint. Do not throw away your books.

Donate your books and uniforms to the seventh and eighth graders. You might never know that your books and uniforms are badly needed by some of them. Give these to Mrs. Herry at the staff office. The school is going to distribute them to the needy students. Come on pals, let’s do something useful.

Avatar Choir

Chief of Student Organization

  1. Why did Avatar write the announcement?
  2. What should students do if they wants to donate their uniforms?
  3. From the text, we can conclude that the 9th  graders are going to . . .
  4. “Do not ruin your uniforms by spraying them with paint.” The underlined word has a similiar meaning to . . .

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