Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Simple Present Continous Tense

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Simple Present Continous Tense

Di artikel ini kami akan membagikan Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Simple Present Continous Tense, Ada 35 contoh soal yang kami berikan dalam bentuk soal pilihan ganda dan soal essay. Soal soal ini bisa menjadi evaluasi atau latihan untuk mata pelajaran ini. Dan bisa juga menjadi acuan atau bahan guru guru dalam membuat soal.

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 2 Tentang Simple Present Continous Tense

Soal Pilihan Ganda

  1. We need an umbrella because it’s ……………… right now.

a. rain                                      

b. rains

c. raining                                    

d. rained

2. Lina ……… his kite now. He is at school.
a. isn’t flying
b. daren’t playing
c. doesn’t fly
d. don’t fly

3. It is now 1o.00 pm. Zira ….. sleeping in her bedroom.

a. is                                          

b. am      

c. were                                 

d. were

4. Danu: … are they discussing it?

Desi: Adiwiyata programme

a. what

b. who

c. why

d. where

5. Wardah and Windi …….. writing poems for an English subject.

a. is                                  

b. are        

c. am                      

d. be

6. The students … badminton now. They are playing volley ball.

a. haven’t played

b. aren’t playing

c. played

d. play

7.  I have submitted my paper for the conference since two days ago. And now, the committee members … the whole material from all the attendants.
a. are examining
b. is examining
c. examines
d. has examined

8. … Dewi reading a book in her classroom?

a. is                              

b. am      

c. was                      

d. were

9. Ari : do you hear something?
Kiki : Yes, somebody… at the distance.
a. screams
b. sre screaming
c. is screaming
d. was screaming

10. They … a cup of milk, but chocolate.

a. is not collecting                                    

b. are not drinking      

c. is not drinking                           

d. are not collecting

11. Dani: … is your uncle selling the product?

Asi: I don’t know, maybe, he is selling it door to door

a. why

b. where

c. whom

d. what

12. Is she bringing my laptop?

a. Yes, he is.                    

b. No, he does not.          

c. Yes, he does.

d. No, he is.

13. Lena is a successful business woman. She often travels all around the world. And for attending the international conference, she … for France tomorrow.
a. has been leaving
b. has been left
c. is leaving
d. leaves

14. I am not…video games right now.
a. playing
b. plays
c. is playing
d. don’t play

15.  Listen! He’s……..
a. beautiful song.
b. singing
c. to sing
d. sings

16. … listening to me right now?
a. do you
b. are you
c. did you
d. were you

17. There is something urgent happen and it is very dangerous for the nation. Due to that reason, the president … to contact his advisors now.
a. tries
b. tried
c. had tried
d. is trying

18. The boy . . . . . at me.
a. smile
b. is smiling
c. smiling
d. is smiles

19. This document is really urgent and need to be processed as soon as possible. So, the secretary … the letter now.
a. typed
b. is typing
c. types
d. had typed

20. We are…soccer competition at the moment.
a. watch
b. watching
c. watched
d. not watch

21. Me and my brother have some jobs on abroad and we need to do it together as a team. We …in Venezuela next month.
a. are flying
b. flying
c. flew
d. fly

22. The clown is very interesting. All the children … happily.
a. is crying
b. are crying
c. are laughing
d. is complaining

23. I just want to stay at home. I don’t want to go out because …
a. it is raining
b. it is beautiful inside
c. the sun is shining nicely
d. the flowers are blossoming

24.  Listen! Luna is … dinner in the kitchen.
a. putting
b. looking
c. cleaning
d. preparing

25. Although she is not in a good condition … right now.
a. she is having a rest
b. she is lying on her bed
c. she is driving to the office
d. she is taking some medicine

Soal Essay:

Put the following sentences into the present continuous tense.

  1. They watch Kahitna’s concert in Surabaya.
  2. Juna does his homework at home
  3. We take two breads for my breakfast.
  4. They don’t listen to rock music.
  5. My mother doesn’t cook fried rice.
  6. Do they drink milk?
  7. Do you speak English?
  8. Does Sinta bake cookies?
  9. Do they eat banana?
  10. Does he go to Borobudur?

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