Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 semester 2 Tentang Congratulation

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 semester 2 Tentang Congratulation

Di artikel ini kami akan membagikan Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 semester 2 Tentang Congratulation, Ada 20 contoh soal yang kami berikan dalam bentuk soal pilihan ganda dan soal essay. Soal soal ini bisa menjadi evaluasi atau latihan untuk mata pelajaran ini. Dan bisa juga menjadi acuan atau bahan guru guru dalam membuat soal.

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 semester 2 Tentang Congratulation

Soal Pilihan Ganda

  1. Change into negative sentence!
    They will go to Bandung next week.

a. will they go to Bandung next week?

b. they not will go Bandung next week.

c. they will not go to Bandung next week

d. not will they go to Bandung next week?

2. Where … lately?
a. You have been
b. You has been
c. Have you been
d. Have you be

3. Situation:

Nurul has just finished practicing singing. She will sing in the celebration of the Indonesia Independence Day. Sholeha praises her that she sings like a real singer, and she will get a big applause for that.

Sholeha : “You sings like a real singer. ______________.”

Nurul : “Thank you. That’s very nice of you.”

a. I’m sure you will get a very big applause

b. You are a good student

c. I’m sorry

d. congratulate to Nurul

4. Dia : Just take a good rest and drink a lot of water, Luna

Luna : I agree with you Dia

The underlined sentence shows…………

a. giving suggestions

b. compliment

c. agreement

d. disagreement

5. Ayu … nderstood the homework yet

a. has not
b. is not
c. was not
d. have not

6. Joko : You should go to the doctor, Edo

Edi : I don’t think that’s a good idea.

The underlined sentence shows…………

a. giving suggestions

b. amazing

c. agreement

d. disagreement

7.  Maria : I think smoking is so dangerous to health.
Jihan : I suppose so.
From that dialogue, you can assume that Jane expresses ….

a. agreement
b. opinion
c. disagreement
d. Ssatisfaction

8. Complete the dialogue below!

Luna : ……………………………………….

Santi : In order to avoid muscle injury

a. what for we warm up before doing any exercise?

b. what should we warm up before doing any exercise for?

c. what do you warm up before?

d. what did you warm up before doing any exercise?

9. Where … the university in Jakarta?

a. You will be checking
b. will you be checking
c. will you be checking
d. You will checking

10. Mother : Happy birthday, Anisa! You are a big boy now. I’m proud of you.

Anisa : Thank you, Mom. I’m proud of you too, Mom.

The underlined sentence shows……….

a. giving a compliment

b. giving a suggestion

c. giving an advice

d. congratulate to others

11. He came while I …., so I could not hear her pull the bell.

a. was sleep
b. is sleeping
c. was sleeping
d. slept

12. What do the people pray for other people’s success, achievements
and good fortune

a. I hope and wish

b. congratulations

c. I don’t agree with you

d. amazing

13. (1) finally, it’s ready to drink
(2) pour in + 100 cc hot water
(3) Put sweet syrup into the water and mix them well
(4) first, put a few herbal medicine into a glass
The best arrangement how to make herbal medicine health body is ….
a. (4), (2), (3), (1)
b. (2), (4), (3), (2)
c. (4), (3), (2), (1)
d. (4), (1), (2), (3)

14. To get rid dirt we should … the floor
a. mop
b. colour
c. ignore
d. paint

15. Raihan : The government plans to increase the price of fuel next week.
Iqbal : …. It will make poor people harder.
a. I never disagree
b. I totally disagree
c. I agree with you
d. I can’t disagree

Soal Essay:

Cita has won the first winner of the story telling competition in her school. Her best friend congratulated her.

Ditto : Cita, congratulations for being the first winner of the school story telling competition! Excellent. You really did it well.

Cita  : Thanks, Ditto.

Ditto : I heard that you will be the representative of our school in the story telling competition of our regency. Is it true?

Cita  : Yes, you’re right.

Ditto : I hope you will win as well in the next competition.

Cita  : I hope so. But I’m nervous.

Ditto : Don’t worry, you’re a very good story teller. Good luck.

Cita  : Thanks. I’ll do my best. Wish me luck.

  1. What does Ditto say to Dita related to the news?
  2. What do the expressions mean?
  3. What is Ditto’s purpose of saying that to Dita?
  4. How does Dita respond to what Ditto says?
  5. When do you think you will say ‘congratulations’ to other people?

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